Palazzo Re Enzo

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Italia - Bologna

Palazzo Re Enzo
Capacità massima
Capacità in riunione 60
Capacità in conferenza 420
Capacità Cocktail 420
Numero massimo delle sale 5

Presentazione dei luoghi

This Palace dates from the 13th century and has a rich, illustrious history. Bologna can now boast about this prestigious venue, perfect from every point of view: the historical and artistic value, the architectural beauty, the magnificent position at the heart of the old city centre, the abundance of space available. Palazzo Re Enzo combines the beauty and charm of the past with the convenience and comfort of a renovation project at the technological leading edge. Thanks to the optimisation of its room layout, the building is now a multipurpose facility that can be used for events of all kinds. The managing company is Bologna Congressi, a premier facility and service provider, able to offer 3 venues, more than 30 meeting rooms and over 30 years of experience. Its streamlined organisation helps the client to plan the event down to the last detail including the preparation of customized bid and full hospitality proposals, concerning accommodation, transportation and free time, thanks to the in-house Travel Department and tourism portal.

Sale e attrezzature

Nome della sala Superficie Altezza Sala Luce naturale Riunione A forma di U In classe conferenza Cocktail Banchetti cabaret Auditorium

Salone del Podestà

800       420 420 420 420    

Sala Re Enzo



60 100 180 200 180    

Sala degli Atti



60 100 180 200 180    

Sala del Quadrante



30 30 60 80 60    

Sala del Capitano



40 30 30 50 30    

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